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經營計劃書 Your Business Proposals for KOI

* 為什麼選擇KOI ? Reason why are you interested in KOI over other brands?

* 是否有餐飲相關經驗? Have you ever owned or managed a retail F&B business?
If yes, please share with us your experience that would help in bringing KOI into the market and expanding it. If no, please share with us what other relevant experiences / resources that will help in running an F&B business?

* 是否有連鎖管理經驗? Do you have the experience in running a chain store?
If yes, please share with us the details.

* 想經營之城市/區域/國家 ? Where do you intend to start the business?

* 希望以什麼形式與KOI合作來經營此城市/區域/國家?(合資合作、區域代理、總代理、加盟)
Intended Business Arrangement ( e.g. Joint Venture, Partnership)

* 是否有其它合夥人? Will there be any partners or sponsors involved?

* 將來是否親自參與管理運營? Will you take an active role in managing the business?

* 您準備在該項經營上投入多少金額? What is the amount of funding you are planning to invest?

其它您希望與KOI分享的訊息 Comments
Please state any relevant experience you believe will help enable you to succeed with KOI given the Business Arrangement (s) you have mentioned in previous section.